Friday, September 14, 2012

just breathe...

I am compelled to begin blogging again. Our lives are completely different than they were a year ago when I stopped and I am sad that I have not recorded the things that have happened. We are one year deeper into our marriage, our firstborn baby boy is now a roaring 2 year old, we added a new baby girl, left one job to begin another, and we live in Houston, Texas. All that and so much more. And it all has happened so fast. I haven't had much space or time to breathe, much less to actually write and record. But I want to begin again. I want this to be a place to breathe. I want to be able to sit down here and share the things that are on my heart and in my mind. I want this blog to be more than just a family record keeper, though I know it will serve as such because I am passionate about this bunch. My hope is that this becomes a place where I am refreshed as I get to breathe out what God is breathing into me through His Word and His grace extended to me in Christ, through my husband and my children, and to share how I am being transformed by the journey that Christ has called us on. So I say to myself as I begin again, "Just breathe."

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